Our Strengths

There is a lot to learn when we listen to silence. It has this unique character of making us comfortable with self and everything around which does not speak. In this hum drum of a hectic schedule there is no way we can find a place without speech. We at Subha Niketan found that space of 2 minutes in the morning and evening in that silence bell. Imagine hundreds of children, teachers, office staff, management and other supporting staff falling mum all at once. This culture, of course did not come over night but now it has become our DNA which rejuvenates us all day.

Don’t get scared by the abbreviation, this is no rocket science. This is the simplest idea which helped us create an abundant change in imparting the knowledge to our children. This is the concept where the principal sets a portion of the test paper of each class. Since the Principal does not follow a pattern to set those 10-15 marks, the student is bound to study the text book.It inculcated the habit of reading the text book which helps gaining a wholesome knowledge instead of just mugging the class works and home works.

Creativity and Innovation are a very loosely used words now a days. If you want to see our student’s creativity in action you will have to attend one of our Annual Day celebrations. There will be no imitations or copied concepts and what you will never find is dancing to the movie tunes. We introduced concept oriented programs as a part and par eel of school day celebrations to inculcate the importance of heritage and culture of our diversified India. Innovation is what we fist layed our foundation stone 28 years back. We still are as old as one year in the zeal to innovate.Our testimony to this are the below examples.

c.1).iED: A well educated person need not necessarily be knowledgable. A well knowledgable person need not necessarily be educated. This thought brought us to invent a platform where education can meet knowledge. Every Fourth Saturday our children celebrate education. These Fourth Saturdays areactivity days, where the child gets the chance to implement his learnings. If one picture can sufice a thousand words, then how much one action should sufice? We sincierely believe this ‘No-Book’ day will enhance the child’s implementativeness of the knowledge. Welcome to the iED – The Implementive Education Program.

c.2).Double Period Time Table: We would like to take you back in age by 25 years. Imagine a school going kid those days or may be even now. Did you get the image of what we saw then? A kid with a bent head, slouching shoulders because of a very heavy bag and looking bored. It is only pity which people used to show knowing there is no solution. But we cracked it in the very first years of our arrival. We initiated a double period time table concept. It means a three subject day, excluding extracurricular activities. So less books and less home work per day.

The children address their teachers as Aunty and Sir. This, in one go, helped us create a pampering and coaching atmosphere at the same time. It created trust and helped children open up freely with their issues which made it easy for the teachers to solve them in the right time and counsel accordingly. Though the competition might point this at us, but has worked wonders for us for 28 years now.

CAMU – Campus and You software has been integrated to our communication platform. This school, student and parent communication integration keeps parent informed anywhere and abytime about his / her child’s attendance, homework, lesson plans, school announcements, school activities, and assessments. Subbha Niketan is the first school to introduce such a transperent method of communication and information sharing with the parents.

Shall be Sports
Sports; Undefeated champions for 13 years in senior girls throw ball. Now the junior girls trow-ball team and senior boys Kho team join the winning streak

Subha Niketan School follows the syllabus set by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) New Delhi.

The curriculum, which is delivered through a combination of classroom and activity-led learning, is a structured means for an overall development of the learner in a range of skills, aptitudes and abilities that help to process information into applied knowledge

We Ensure…… Hence Insure

Subha Niketan announces a dynamic new program ‘Happy Life” for its students and staff under which each and every student and staff is insured for occurances of accidents. Subha Niketan announced FREE accidental insurance cover worth 13,20,00,000/- for all its students ans atff (teaching and non-teaching). We are proud to be the first and only school in and around Kakinada to announce accidental insurance for its students, teaching and non-teaching staff. Every accident however small and where ever it is encountered is covered under this scheme. When we say ‘however small and where ever it is’ we literally mean it. By ‘however small’ , it can be as small as while climbing up or down a staircase or accidents while participating in sports, championships etc. By ‘where ever it is’, be it in school, while travelling to school, during picnic, trekking camps, excursion trips etc. The best part of this insurance is it covers AD and PTD of one earning parent. This particularly is liked for one reason, money for the child’s studies should not be one of the worries in the parent’s mind when the family is in grief. Any new joinee is by default covered under this program by the school.

An Idea which no school ever attempted. On 28 Dec 2014, the dusk gave way to dawn, Ignorance gave way to Knowledge and Intelligence agumented creativity. As 1947 calendar repeated itself in 2014, the Subha Niketan School paid a beffitting tribute to unsung heroes of Indian freedom struggle.
The students, teachers and management of Subha Niketan makes a historic effort to create, design and execute a 1hour 15minute movie of song and drama (in hindi, english & telugu). Over 300 students acted and 700 students helped create this history.

This again is the testomony how Subha Niketan thinks ahead of times and beyond the normal. The school has integrated a software which will immencily bring the parent very close to school with regard to the information of one’s child. Now parents can access important information about their child and school like Billing Reminders, Assignment Details & Due dates, Attendance Information, Examination Schedules, Report Cards (with the ability to drill down and analyse on relative performance), Announcements, Holidays and Event Calendar, and a lot more!
This all happens at the click of a button on parent’s mobile phone or lhome computer.The parent gets an SMS alerts about the attendance and other important information from the school.
MyCamu also provides a separate Student Portal that enables students exchange ideas within their group, Submit Assignment Records, Take Online Assessments, Access timetables, and other relevant information!
MyCamu mobile application provides the critical information instantly to students and parents.
MyCamu provides instant notifications on Assignments, Attendance Notifications, Examination Schedules, Billing Notifications, Announcements and every important information.
MyCamu can be downloaded from Google Playstore, or Apple Appstore

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