Mrs.Subhashini (Correspondent)

Thank you for considering our school. While you ponder your child’s future please allow me to talk of my school’s past. Twenty-Eight years ago I quit my job as a teacher to start my own school, dissatisfied with the system and culture prevalent in schools in Kakinada at the time. While the early days were a struggle, having ony one student for the first six months, I slowly began to build what I believed was the perfect school. While attempting to correct the mistakes that I perceived in other schools we started to be trendsetters in many ways. We were the first school to offer a Nursery program to nurture and teach the students from an early age in Kakinada and around. Subha Niketan was the first school in this region to implement a student-teacher ratio of 20:1, ensuring personal attention to every student’s needs. Most importantly, I chose to put our students growth before my school’s, adding only one class every year. We took 13 years and reached class 10 at the same time as our first batch, avoiding any shortcuts and laying a strong foundation for the school, we wanted Subha Niketan to be. Subha Niketan has always stood for discipline, determination and resilience. These values are built into the very DNA of the school and are instilled into every student who attends our school in an age when numbers, ranks and balance sheets dominate. I invite you to THINK BEYOND THE SLATE and gift your children a holistic education that has been perfected over almost last three decades.

Mrs.Srujana (Academic Coordinator)

What is that we ask our teachers to keep achieving? What is that we keep pushing our children for? What is that we keep building our infrastructure around? It is for the child’s ‘Expression of thought’.

Doesn’t it sound simple? Every child is different and we understand what is that he/she is lacking to express when needed. We have to improve the child on all aspects personality development through interactive and implementable learning and not by mere a monologue class room session or unrelated practical. I welcome all those students/children who have curiosity or the zeal to peek into new horizon.

Mrs.Raja Kumari (Principal)

Is there really something to Principal here in Subha Niketan? I never felt the need in my 20 plus years of experience. I don’t think, there is ever a need to be the principal in a school, but, yes, there is always something to partner with and there is someone to relate to. That something is our Parent’s Dream for their child. That someone is every student, who has an innocent question. Parents talk about their aspirations for their children, whether it is for sports, art or any stream. They often forget to think or overlook the child’s behavior, mannerisms and indiscipline. Here we also take care of parent’s untold aspects to make every child a better human being and a secular citizen of this country.




SNS – Science Cruet 2019

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Our Annual Sports Day – Dec 2nd 2018

Subha Niketan School Annual Sports Day - 2018 - Invitation

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