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Our social responsibility arm Strive hard to improve the status quo or best, maintain ‘as is’. This is what we sincerely teach our pupil.

We have been doing ever since we were 1yr old. We are now 28 years old and growing, still our hand is held out for any help. Subha Niketan is not new to helping, the only change today is, it has a structure of its own and a way forward.

We serve in many peripherals under the same umbrella. Some are adhoc which are event driven and some are ongoing or continuous effort. Niketians (as we proudly call ourselves) were always the first step in any endeavour we take up.

All you need is your intention to contribute, we will implement in the right direction. If you wish to be part of our continuous or future efforts and services, please do feel free to contact our office.

Join Hands: Responsibilities taken and completed till date:

On one of our beloved teacher’s death:

We never, even in our wild imagination expected this would happen. How can our very own person, our family, our well-wisher, the person who walked our first step, our very own Jaganatham sir, not be with us anymore.

It was like any other normal day we finished our school and left for the day.He took the auto to his place. The only difference is, from past few days he been hitchhiking one of the colleagues bike which he did not today, as his colleagues still had some work in school. He reached his stop, got out of the auto and started crossing the road. A bike brushed him on his arm, which made him loose balance and ell back on his head. This unusual incident on a usual day took him away from us.

But our bond cannot end here, definitely not like this. We thought hard, how can we keep our bond going and give it, its logical conclusion. Then we remembered his dream of making his son settle. His son is an ex-Niketian, who was waiting to join an engineering college. So, we wanted to secure his tuition fee for his college tenure.

All the niketians insisted on contributing towards this cause. Since we already wanted to contribute, we pledged that we will match the amount which will come from the students and staff collectively.

Now we have a considerable amount of 2,00,000/- rupees which will secure his son’s future and help us fullfill his wish.

Tsunami contribution:

Join Hands: Continuous and on going responsibilities

NATURE’D: Creating and maintaining greenery in and around the school area. We believe every one intends to plant trees and keep their surroundings green. The problem as we perceive is they do not have the place to do so in most of the areas in cities. The only place available is already taken by parking and a couple of trees. But does this need to stop us from pursuing the intention?We say no. You can contribute to the cause piked up by someone. Light Energy: We wish to go green in energy, As we look

Contribution: We created a separate fund for “JOIN HANDS” initiative. This will over look the complete social responsibility arm of the school. We ensure to use the funds in the most optimum way. Any contribution by you to this fund will be put to strengthen this umbrella and further grow and provide much more to our students and the society.

We will communicate frequently and update on the website about the status of the funds and their usage.

We look forward to all our Ex-Niketians and Pro-Niketians (well wishers of Subha Niketan) in contributing at their will to see Subha Niketan grow.

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